Clean Energy Technology Resources, LLC develops projects by working with companies to provide innovation, development and implementation of advanced clean energy technologies that save electricity, save money, and provides a short payback period.


Our customer base includes Commercial/industrial, Government and municipalities, Schools, Agriculture, Hospitals and healthcare, multifamily residential, and New construction entities.


We are your resource for:

Strategic planning assistance for transitioning to clean energy

Source for design and build, systems management, and financing for CHP systems

Specialized clean energy information research

Clean energy engineering and architectural firms

State, federal and utility incentive programs

Low interest rate renewable energy financing

Consolidated Funding Application grant application assistance


 Clean Energy Technology Offerings:

Combined Cooling Heating  and Power

We develop business for the leading CHP engineering design firm in the United States

  • On-site Power and Cogeneration Plants

  • Energy Feasibility Studies and Analysis Services                                    

  • Mechanical and Electrical Systems Energy Conservation Design

  • Utility Grade High Voltage Distribution Systems

  • Multi-Site, Prototypical Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing design                                                                                        

Microsteam® Turbine Power System (MST) The MST is a compact, efficient power system that generates electricity from pressure energy previously wasted in the steam pressure reducing valves of steam boilers. This power system, which can be moved through a standard doorway, produces up to 275 kW of electrical power.  


Water To Energy Recovery System (WATERSSM) is a process to convert wasted energy found in water transmission and distribution systems into renewable energy. The Water To Energy Recovery System produces renewable electricity, while providing automatic control and reporting features. Renewable electricity can be used for onsite purposes or sold to the utility. In-conduit hydroelectric projects provide technical, financial and environmental benefits to water agencies, utilities and ratepayers.

Internet of Things can provide you with a vast array of information on your building.  This is an up and coming technology that you can install at reasonable price that  can save you money and keep your facility monitored for equipment breakdowns, inefficient operation, and unexplained electricity spikes.

Clean Energy Technology Resources provides business development for an energy services firm that works to provide new and existing companies, the tools to navigate the ever changing landscape in New York and all the organized energy markets across the United States. 

Demand Response Programs --- We can help you make money with your emergency backup generator!

The NYISO has developed Demand Response programs which pay program participants that can meet the appropriate qualifications to reduce their electricity consumption (load) for discrete periods of time. During periods of increased demand, or when the grid is affected by unplanned events like inclement weather, the NYISO’s market pays participants in Reliability-based Demand Response programs for load reductions that lessen stress on the electric grid. 

NYISO Reliability-based Demand Response programs include:

  • Installed Capacity - Special Case Resource (ICAP-SCR) program. The NYISO’s market pays participants for load reductions that lessen stress on the electric grid. 

  • Emergency Demand Response Program (EDRP)

Program rules unique to the Installed Capacity - Special Case Resource (ICAP-SCR) program also enable participants to receive monthly payments (called “capacity payments”) based on the obligated level of load reduction.

Storm Water Collection Systems and Green Roofs

Save money with your rain water! Very fast ROI!

Storm Water Harvesting – saves water purchasing costs, decreases and controls storm water drainage, saves greenhouse gas production from the electricity used to power water pumps and motors,  and decreases the municipal cost of moving and treating water

Green Roofs – insulates interior, protects roofing, controls storm water drainage, saves municipal waste water treatment costs and associated energy pollution and costs.

Financial benefits from saving GHG:

  • Saved electricity costs

  • Reliable, constant electrical supply without interruptions

  • Steady future electricity price structure



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