Two-thirds of the energy used to generate electricity is wasted in the form of heat discharged to the atmosphere.


Clean Energy Technology Resources is very fortunate to work with the leading CHP design firm in the United States, Energy Concepts. Please contact CETR for further information.


Summary of Services Provided Through Energy Concepts

A. Energy Feasibility Studies and Analysis Services:

1. General building systems energy conservation studies.

2. Building energy baseline studies and data collection.

3. Experience with NYSERDA funded studies and projects.

4. Energy Conservation project management and oversight.

5. Energy use and energy savings monitoring and measurement.

6. Services to clients regarding utility tariffs, regulations, etc.

B. Mechanical and Electrical Systems Energy Conservation Design:

1. HVAC systems and HVAC systems design.

2. Electrical lighting systems surveys and design.

3. Central heating and cooling plant design.

4. Chiller systems retrofit and primary / secondary conversions.

5. Energy management and control systems.

6. Electric power quality studies and remediation design.

C. On-Site Power and Cogeneration Plants:

1. Cogeneration economic and feasibility studies.

2. Cogeneration combined heat and electric power plant design.

3. Fuel fired engines, turbines and micro-turbine power plants.

4. Fuel cell plants.

5. Renewable energy plants (Wind, Photovoltaic, Biomass-Biogas).

D. Utility Grade High Voltage Distribution Systems:

1. High voltage distribution studies (utility and commercial).

2. High voltage system modification and compliance with guidelines for municipal


3. High voltage system design, 4160 volt to 34.5 kV, radial or network systems per

utility guidelines.

4. GIS (Geographic Information Systems) consulting for utilities and government


5. On-site power plant design for utility energy subsidiaries.

E. Multi-Site, Prototypical Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing design:

1. General mechanical, electrical and plumbing design for prototypical buildings

(such as Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Office Buildings, and Schools).

2. Rapid turnaround for fast track, multi-site facilities.

3. Licensed capability in most Eastern States.

4. Proven ability to work with Architectural Firms and Corporate Facilities.

A Sample of the 95 completed CHP Projects designed by Energy Concepts:

Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare is a regional medical center in Utica, New York. The center’s campus comprises of a large hospital, a nursing facility and several administrative and out-patient facilities. It is located in close proximity to Utica College. The CHP plant features Cummings gas-fired cogeneration sets. The plant supplies its thermal output to a […]

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The Red Hook Stores was originally built as a 400,000 SF granary on the New York waterfront before the civil war. By the 1980’s most shipping left New York for larger facilities in New Jersey, and then the empty facility fell into disrepair. After four years of intensive renovation, the 150 year old building was […]

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The CHP plant at the Greater Rochester International Airport (GRIA) received significant support from NYSERDA. The plant yields a reduction of more than 6 million kwh per year, saving GRIA approximately $400,000 in annual energy costs. The CHP plant consists of two 750 kilowatt engine driven cogeneration units that produce electricity and hot water. The hot […]

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Wartburg is a 230-bed nursing home located in Brooklyn, New York. It offers a wide array of social services from two adjacent buildings surrounding a courtyard. It was clear from the outset that the best way to address the deteriorated state of the antiquated boiler rooms would be to start with a clean slate. This […]

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4C Foods is a food processing and manufacturing company in Brooklyn, NY. Their acclaimed grated cheeses, bread crumbs and other gourmet products are stocked by retailers nation-wide. It takes a lot of energy to make ingredients that kick things up a notch, and in NY City, energy is exceptionally expensive. Deploying cogeneration brings about dramatic […]

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Facing rapidly rising energy costs, the K-12 Fonda-Fultonville Central School District in Fonda, New York, installed a 1.3MW combined heat and power system to power the school campus. This was the first grid–independent cogeneration project in New York state and today provides all the electricity, space heating and cooling needed for the 300,000 sq. ft. […]

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