NLine Energy, Inc. Micro Steam Turbine

Clean Energy Technology Resources, LLC is working with NLine Energy Inc. who has the exclusive right to market the Energent Micro Steam Turbine Power System which runs from wasted steam pressure from steam boilers.  The Micro Steam Turbine can produce up to 275kW and is completely automatic allowing for unattended operation. 


This is a NYSERDA  incentivized product and is the only microsteam turbine recognized by NYSERDA. 


The system utilizes the Euler Turbine which is a very efficient turbine that receives steam from the wasted pressure of a pressure relief valve on steam boilers.  The wasted stem turns the Micro Steam Turbine (MST) at very high rpm rates.  The turbine is designed to be cost effective and corrosion resistant.   It has life span pf 20 years and a payback potential of 1 year with the right conditions.

The system comes with controls, switchgear and the MST power system mounted on a skid which can fit through a standard doorway.   


It is recognized as being a zero-emission technology by the California Air Resources Board and has received DG-017 certification.

Commercial customer installations of the MST include Con Edison of New York, The U.S. Marine Corps., Rolex, Princeton University, Indiana University, as well as other applications in multifamily housing units, hospitals, and office buildings.

Source: Energent website