Clean Energy Technology Resources has partnered with Customized Energy Solutions (CES) to assist customers in registering for the summer capacity and winter capacity NYISO Special Case Resource (SCR) Program and the Emergency Demand Response Program (EDRP).  Please contact us for more info.

New York Independent System Operator(NYISO)

Special Case Resource Program, 

and the Emergency Demand Response Program


Demand Response Programs

The NYISO has developed Demand Response programs which pay program participants that can meet the appropriate qualifications to reduce their electricity consumption (load) for discrete periods of time.

NYISO Demand Response programs include:

  • Reliability-based Demand Response programs

  • Installed Capacity - Special Case Resource (ICAP-SCR) program

          The NYISO’s market pays participants for load reductions that lessen stress on the electric grid. 

  • Emergency Demand Response Program (EDRP)


During periods of increased demand, or when the grid is affected by unplanned events like inclement weather, the NYISO’s market pays participants in Reliability-based Demand Response programs for load reductions that lessen stress on the electric grid. 


Program rules unique to the Installed Capacity - Special Case Resource (ICAP-SCR) program also enable participants to receive monthly payments (called “capacity payments”) based on the obligated level of load reduction (i.e., the committed level of load reduction at the facility when the NYISO requests that participants reduce load).


 The Emergency Demand Response Program (EDRP) allows wholesale electricity market participants to subscribe retail end users able to provide Load Reduction (Demand Side Resources) by curtailing Load or by shifting Load onto a Local Generator when called upon by the NYISO during emergency conditions.

The New York Independent System Operator ("NYISO") seeks to provide customers with an economic incentive to respond to Emergency Operating Conditions. Applicability is limited to customers who agree voluntarily, and have the capability to, curtail and/or replace at a single meter at least 100 kW per hour of electric usage. Customers may be simultaneously eligible for more than one load curtailment program.

Qualified/eligible on-site generators used to replace load may require additional metering as determined by the NYISO to confirm curtailment and to demonstrate that emergency generating equipment was in effect for the entire EDRP event.

Customized Energy Solutions (CES) is an energy services firm that works to provide new and existing companies, the tools to navigate the ever changing landscape in New York and all the organized energy markets across the United States. They also have operations in Mexico, Canada, Japan and India supporting the energy industries service needs in those countries.


Customized Energy Solutions works with companies to help optimize their business strategies in the energy markets and in the new world of Distributed Energy Resources and MicroGrid analysis and operation.  Their goal is to provide value to our clients and grow with their success.  CES provides services to over 400 Clients.  A high level overview of the services is provided below:  


Market Intelligence Reporting and Analysis - The New York Independent System Operator has over 15 Committees, Working Groups and Task Forces working on an array of market rules and market design changes.  CES follows each of the 150 or so meetings conducted during the year and provide detailed and relevant information to our clients.  CES provides this service for each of the organized electric markets across the U.S. In addition, CES provides specific reporting on Energy Storage and related market actions to those interested in emerging market design and related issues. 

Telemetry/Data Acquisition – CES has secure and cost effective telemetry systems to receive client and RTO/ISO data and maintain a warehouse of all the pertinent electric market data for business monitoring, validation, and analysis.

PowerIT/Green – This energy management platform allows customers to control and optimize their energy usage on a second to second basis. The system can be used for system optimization and cost avoidance, peak use avoidance, emergency demand response for State or the Utility Open Automated Demand Response programs, Peak flattening and possible additional revenues from ancillary services.

24 Hour Desk – CES works with resources to dispatch or maintain schedules to maximize operational efficiencies in the market. They currently schedule and monitor 2,500 MWs of Generation, Frequency Regulation Suppliers, and a number of Demand Response Resources.  CES  monitors and schedules these resources from their Philadelphia Office for locations throughout the United States, Canada, and India. They work with the local ISOs/RTOs and Utilities with outage scheduling and updated rules for operation in the market, as well as, providing bill validation and renewable energy credit services.

Retail Energy Services - Customized offers a range of services to retail clients ranging from business planning, market entry support, middle and back office business process outsourcing, and retail pricing services. This includes market entry, registration and data transfer and storage, EDI & customer enrollment.

Demand Response - Customized provides value-added services, expertise and back office management to load response entities.

Congestion Management - Customized has successfully assisted clients in mitigating basis risk, achieving cost certainty and maximizing the revenue or hedge value associated with financial transmission rights.

Renewable Energy Credits - Customized offers a range of services to help guide clients through the renewable energy opportunities associated with the dynamically-changing energy industry.

Market Analysis - Customized offers services to wholesale power clients ranging from detailed market analysis to full performance of a market participant’s RTO/ISO-facing business activities.

Emerging Technology - Customized offers a range of services to help guide clients through the entire process of taking an idea from concept to final implementation for all types of emerging technologies including energy storage, wind generation, and solar.

NERC Reporting - Customized has established a team with the expertise in the standards and compliance of NERC regulations to provide client guidance in this increasingly complex and high impact area.

Fuel Management - Customized has maintained a staff of professionals with expertise that can develop strategies to optimize alternative fuel sources for production or generation while minimizing fuel costs.


The CES website, has more information on the position and experience of the CES staff.